Materials Sector

Let’s work on diversifying our portfolios. Take a look at the materials sector. This sector includes companies who utilize raw materials to develop and create items to either use by themselves or with other products to work. Some material companies I would like to start looking into are: Nutrien (NTR), Rio Tinto Group (RIO), VedantaContinue reading “Materials Sector”

Ready to Die Mentality with A Ready to Live Capability

Who remembers Tupac’s album Ready to Die? Tupac was one of the greatest rappers of all time. From “Brenda’s got a baby,” to “I get around,” and my all-time favorite, “Dear Moma.” Of course he does have other hits such as “All Eyes on Me” and “California Love.” From the time that Pac first cameContinue reading “Ready to Die Mentality with A Ready to Live Capability”