Let’s Get Into It…

It’s Tab Time!

Let’s get into it with Tabitha Brown. I absolutely love Tabitha Brown and her family. They seem very down to earth and friendly. I love all the things Tabitha is doing and the fact she is not compromising herself or integrity while doing it.

Very Good

I became aware of Tabitha just last year when a video surfaced on Instagram of her gifting her father a truck. This was such an amazing gesture and I loved his reaction and her love for her family. This made me visit her page, follow her, and experience all the great things she was doing.

Tabitha is a movement, from her beautiful natural hair, vegan lifestyle, books, kid show (Tab Time), hair products (Donna’s Recipe), clothing and household products, and weekly YouTube episodes with her husband (Tab and Chance).

It’s good seeing good people like Tabitha win. I wish her continued blessings, prosperity, and partnerships.

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