The Best Man: The Final Chapters

Image from Peacock

Spoiler alert: I knew there was a reason I kept Peacock. I actually love the shows on Peacock and my reason for getting rid of it was to cut down on expenses. Glad I kept it. This cast have always kept me smiling from ear to ear.

I’m also a Real Housewives of Atlanta fan, so it was funny to see Shelby on the show and talking to Andy Cohen on Watch What’s Happen Live. Love Shelby and Andy.

A takeaway for me in this series is that Harper is an author. In 1999 when the original movie came out, he was a little bit past being an up and coming author who had seen many defeats when it came to writing. During this time, I was a senior in high school, not really knowing where life would lead.

In 2013 when the sequel came out, he was an established author who was doing well for himself. During this time, I had been a published author for three years. An up and coming author who was ready to leave my mark on the work.

Now in 2022, Harper is well established, making moves to create a movie, and doing speaking engagements, which looked similar to a TedTalk. For me, I’m an established author of several books, have established steady speaking/reading engagements, and have a bunch of wonderful opportunities I am unable to disclose at this moment.

Becoming a well established author takes time. Look at Harper, it took him approximately 23 years, but not counting the initial time it took him to write and get the process started.

Whatever you are doing in life, whatever dream you are working on making come true, don’t give up. The process may be long and hard at times, but “long and steady wins the race.” I’m not sure who quoted that, but it’s often exactly what we need.

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