Sponsor for the Read to Lead/Write to Enlight Book Festival

Illustrations by Zora Nelson

Check out these beautiful illustrations from one of our #sponsors of the Read to Lead/Write to Enlight Book Festival. Zora Nelson is one of Hampton Publishing House’s first illustrators and have assisted with numerous projects. Feel free to visit her page here, check out her illustrations, and see how she can help you bring your vision to life. #illustrator #illustration

Sponsor for the Read to Lead/Write to Enlight Book Festival

Illustrations by Viviana Moyano

Check out these beautiful illustrations from one of our #sponsors of the Read to Lead/Write to Enlight Book Festival. Viviana is absolutely amazing. Feel free to visit her page, check out her illustrations, and see how she can help you bring your vision to life. https://saironwen.wordpress.com #illustrator #illustration

Read to Lead/Write to Enlight Book Festival

The planning and development for the Read to Lead/Write to Enlight Book Festival is underway. We have secured a few authors and sponsors for the event. We currently have two more spots available for authors. Don’t be shy, feel free to ask me how you can participate.

This festival is geared towards spotlighting local authors with the intent of the community supporting their local authors and making reading and writing a part of their daily activities.

Literacy is very important as it has the ability to assist individuals with understanding information, teaching others, and take you on a journey to pure enjoyment as you read a good book.

Books are the passageway to your next adventure, discovery, and self enlightenment. Join us on September 17th and continue your journey of exploring the world through different authors’ eyes.

Kids Lit Should Be…

People’s first encounter with books is generally through reading or listening to Children’s Books, or I truly hope this is when they first encounter them. These books allow children to imagine, identify, relate, unrelate, sort, color, color code, and participate in a vast amount of other child related activities to get them prepared for the future.

When I think of the Children’s Book genre and what each book should encompass, I think of these six things, which hopefully will assist you on your journey of reading or writing engaging material: Colorful, vibrant, exciting, engaging, educational, and fun. Below I will explain why I think these things would work well with this type of genre.


Of course this checklist is mostly a suggestive list and can be edited to fit your own needs. Books should be bright, colorful, and full of eye catching colors. These colors should spark a child’s attention and should tell a story of contrast, conflict, adventure, and changes in the storyline. The colors in the book are just as important as the story. Colors can exude happiness, sadness, and a change in environment or situation.


Books should be vibrant and energize the reader and listener. They should provide enthusiasm to go on an adventure with friends, compete in a competition, chase a book eating monster, or challenge a fire-breathing dragon.


The pictures and possibly just the thought about books content should form a sense of excitement in the reader and listener. People should be bubbling with excitement. Sometimes when people read or hear a good book, they anticipate the release of a sequel, whether or not one has been discussed.


Books should also be engaging. They should engage individuals to want to read or listen to a good book. There should be anticipation for a certain song, word, or catch phrase that gets people involved in some or all aspects of the book.


An educational component not only challenges and teaches children how to do certain things, but it also helps them understand the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, and ABCs vs 123s. It also used teaches different languages, perspectives, financial management, and other knowledge needed in the future.


The last thing that a book should include is an aspect of fun and/or adventure. This means the characters are having fun by doing something that they enjoy or something they know others would enjoy. Fun is also about the relationships discussed and developed in the book and how they interact with each other. Fun is about letting down one’s guard to give life an honest chance at experiencing pure enjoyment.

As stated, these tips are only suggestive and you can edit this list as you deem fit. This is just a peak into how my books are created with the intent to create a Colorful, Vibrant, Exciting, Engaging, Educational, and Fun loving book.

Until next time…


A new stock pick for me is Comcast (CMCSA). I am all for this stock. Although there are some concerns regarding video subscribers and a leveraged balance sheet, it seems to be a great pick regarding its Peacock Streaming Service.

With the decrease in Netflix subscribers due to increasing streaming service rates and the inclusion of a lower package, which includes commercials, no wonder Peacock is becoming the preferred choice. Now, Peacock also has a lower package with commercials; however it’s about 1-2 commercials per break. The lower package costs around $5 a month, which is about $3 cheaper than Netflix.

Don’t get me wrong, Netflix has amazing content from The Last Kingdom, comedy specials (Earthquake, Dave Chappelle, and Mike Epps), and Blood & Water. However, in a society impacted by inflation regarding housing, utilities, food, and household essentials, it only seems right to find a streaming service with a bit of oldies, goodies, original content, and much more for a lower price. Peacock has recently added Bravo shows to its content such as Kandi and the Gang, Married’s the to Medicine, and the Real Housewives Franchise. These shows are up-to-date and are being released on Peacock about a day or two after being released with cable providers.

Disney’s prices have stayed the same for a while. I can remember one increase since 2020. They also have a package deal to include Hulu and ESPN, which perhaps makes it a option for those looking for such. The only concern I would have as a subscriber/investor is the amount of content being added and was it sufficient to meet the needs of families and their watching habits. Of course this concern is regarding Disney acting as a sole subscription service.

Prime also has great content and the ability to cross services from connecting to other providers (Such as: HBO, Stars, etc), offering Amazon.com benefits, and much more. The only concern would be the price if individuals care about it. For some individuals, price is nothing, but for all the rest of us, price plays a very important role in our subscription options and what we choose to pay for. The price has the ability to increase subscribers, as long as the content is adequate and engaging.

Call me bias if you want; however when considering a stock that has great stream service content, lower prices, and an ability to increase it’s subscriber capacity, I have to go with Comcast and it’s streaming service Peacock.

How to Turn Passion into Profit Part 2

Transitioning or setting yourself on a pathway to success can be very challenging. You have to give endless time and money into making your dream come true. Once that dream comes true, many people never see all the sacrifices you have made, the rejections you have heard, or the feeling of maxing out your credit cards to the point of no return. Well, there’s always a point of return and that’s called success or return on investment.

If you treated your life and your business like an investment, how much would you be willing to invest in yourself? I have been in the publishing industry for about 12 years now and you wouldn’t believe the amount of people who expect free things. From attending book festivals for free, wanting free publicity, to wanting free books. Now don’t get me wrong, free things are nice, but you often get what you pay for. It often makes me wonder how much are these individuals willing to invest in themselves. How much are these individuals willing to help build a community in which we reinvest in each other.

Years ago around 1920, during the times of Black Wall Street, it was said that the black dollar circulated within the community at least 36 times. Do you know how much we could build as a community if we reinvested in our own neighborhoods just by turning our passions into profit?

Well, I’m here to tell you investing and re-investing in yourself and your community can help you turn your passion into profit. Turning your passion into profit is about doing what you love and getting paid to do it. This could be in terms of public speaking, investing, writing books, or other ways in which people will pay you for your expertise.

What I want you to do is assess what you love to do and ask the following questions: Is this something I love? Can I make money from doing this? Have I been making money from this passion? What is holding me back from doing this full-time or part-time? Am I being realistic with myself?

Now I would never tell you to quit your job to pursue your passion. How else would you help fund your passion? I will say where there’s a will, there’s a way. You have to evaluate your goals, objectives, and determine what’s best for you.

Check out my latest book release coming soon. This book can assist you with organizing your passion and working toward bringing your it to fruition.

Career and Writing Discussion at Otterbein University

As I prepare to present to a group of 1st year students, at Otterbein next week, I always ask myself, who am I? For a while I was stuck on this statement. Only thinking about who I actually am and not what I represent. The truth of the matter is what I represent is also a part of who I am. So when I think about this statement now…Who am I? Well, I’m a mother, author, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Artist, Event Planner, and Owner. And I love 💕 it! I am something and at the same time I am nothing. I am wise and at the same time I am foolish. I am certain and at the same time I am ambivalent. I am curious and at the same time I am uninterested. I am who I am, where I am, and when I need it most.

So next week, I have the pleasure of presenting career and #writing information to a group of collegiate students who are first year students at Otterbein. I love things like this because I am able to provide guidance to these individuals with the hope of helping them pursue their dreams and go after what they really want in life. No one said it would be easy; however, with hard work and determination, anything can happen. You just have to be willing to make it happen.

Welcome New Author to the Read to Lead/Write to Enlight Book Festival

Sarah Johnson is a new author from Indianapolis who has written a multi-genre book about finding strength in difficult times. She is a Christian author with a passion for sharing the Word of Christ. In her memoir “The Devil Inside Me: Finding Jesus in a Life of Struggle” she describes in detail her grueling 24-year battle with a medical condition called Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome (SMAS), which she believes could’ve claimed her life had it not been for her relationship with God.

Sarah, who oversees accounts payable at an engineering firm, has a master’s degree in Business Management from Indiana Wesleyan University and received her undergraduate degree in Telecommunications from Ball State University. She and her husband Jeff reside in the Indianapolis area with their three sons, Nathan, Charlie, and Will, and beloved dog Lucy. In addition to writing, Sarah volunteers as a seamstress for a local nonprofit and she enjoys gardening, hiking, baking and raising butterflies. Her interest in weather has led to becoming a professional storm chaser and photographer for Extreme Weather Videos (EWV) and SVL Media, LLC. Her video footage has earned recognition from the ABC television show Good Morning America (2017).

Social Media:

Follow Sarah on Facebook and on Instagram by clicking the links above.

How to Develop Successful Community Based Programs

How many of you are wondering, what does this woman know about event planning? Actually, I know quite a bit of information. The first event I ever planned was in college. It was with my sorority sisters and it featured Judge Janet E. Jackson. The next events were a diabetes Heath fair and exercise events. The next events I planned on my own were my book signing and my friend’s baby shower.

My undergraduate degree from Otterbein University has really assisted me with event planning. The degree is in Health Promotion and Fitness, which is basically how to create and promote health related programming and how to secure funding. I utilize a lot of these approaches and just translate it to any type of event I am planning. It works, it’s just about switching your target population and the goal and objectives of the event.

My graduate degree is a Master’s degree in Science Administration with a concentration in Health Services. This is basically a combination of a business degree with a public health degree. My experiences as an Employment Specialist, Recruiter, Coordinator and Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor also provides guidance in this area, as I was responsible for planning mock interviewing events, job fairs, helping prepare people for the programsf, and much more.

I have also had the pleasure of planning two successful Children’s Book Festivals in Camden, New Jersey, three book drives in New Jersey, one book bag drive in New York, and I am currently planning the first annual Read to Lead/Write to Enlight Book Festival in Westerville, Ohio this year.

In the next coming months, I am going to work on creating 6, 5-10 minute subscription videos, which includes the following topics.

1. How to Develop a Plan

2. Create an Outline

3. Marketing

4. Sponsorship

5. Partnerships

6. How to Sell Your Program/30 second commercial

These videos will give you a strategic approach to planning these programs, show you example plans I have put together, and also provide sample sponsors and ways to contact them.

Feel free to comment on this post to help me identify what additional information you would like me to review.

How to Turn Passion into Profit

Lately, I have been told by numerous people that I need to put together subscription videos on publishing, authorship, event planning, and how to turn profit into passion.

Years ago, I would have shun this whole idea and tucked it away for safe keeping. I may have also talked myself out of doing it, for fear of people not purchasing the product or service. However, now whenever I think about doing it, I am reminded of the voice in the movie, Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come.” If you build reliable products and services with the same type of passion, individuals who gladly pay for your knowledge.

Who on here would be willing to listen to a set of videos on creating different streams of incomes and turning your passion into profit?

Let me know and I will see what I can do.