What Imprints Are You Making on Life?

Have you thought lately about the imprints you are making on life, at work, and even at home? Are they things you would be proud of? Many of us go through life only reflecting on things to get us by day-to-day. We live for the here and now because the future isn’t always guaranteed. However what if the future was guaranteed? What if the imprints you make now could help your family in the future?

When I think about imprints and planning for the future and your family, I think about a conversation I had with an acquaintance many years ago. The acquaintance did not believe in obtaining life insurance because he thought it only set the stage for your significant other and family to fight over the money when you died. He didn’t realize that life insurance was put into place to help pay for your burial and other expenses, so your family would not have to pay as much. The surprise on his face when I stated this gave a clear indication he had never thought about this before. The same surprise can be seen on others face when I mention what imprints are you making on life.

Imprints should be positive impacts you are making on your life that will help you, your family, and friends in the future. So again I ask, what imprints are you making on life?

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