Thank you for visiting the page of Melica Niccole. Melica is a published author with Hampton Publishing House. She has worked in the writing field for over 10 years as an Author and previously worked as a Writing Tutor at a University in Morristown, New Jersey. It is her hope that the experience she has gained over the last 10 years will assist other authors with their pursuit toward reading, writing, and enlightening the community.

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Read to Lead/Write to Enlight Book Festival

This year we are implementing the 2nd Annual Read to Lead Book Festival. Read to Lead/Write to Enlight is a call to action. It’s a motto. It’s a way of life. We dare you to Read to Lead, Write to Enlight and buy books locally from the authors who write them.

Below is the flyer for the event and registration link.

Registration open (click link to left)

Welcome Back Brieanna Wilkolf to the Read to Lead/Write to Enlight Book Festival
Welcome Back Colette Harrell to the book festival this year
Welcome Scott Donnelly to the book festival this year

Available at the Columbus Metropolitan Library

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Click here: CML

Available at Target

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Learn How to Create A Children’s Book Workshop for Kids

Virtual training for kids to learn how to create a Children’s Book. Things that will be discussed are how to create a book, market, and sell your work. The cost is $25 per person. I have 10 slots available. Interested in sponsoring a youth for this program? Message me for details.

Give the Gift of Literacy This Year!

Give the Gift of Literacy Deal

Do you want to give a book to a young child who you may or may not know. Well do just that with the Give the Gift of Literacy Deal. This deal has been discounted from regular books. This price also includes shipping, and postage (In the U.S.). One of the following books will be donated on your behalf: Good Morning Amira, The Wanderlusts, PJ’s World, or Football Fumblina. Send me a message to specify which book you would like sent. Please also send information regarding how you send a book to a child. I can also donate a book to a local Headstart program, pre-school, childcare center, or elementary schools. Please note the quoted price below is only for sales within the U.S. Donations can also be made outside of the U.S.; however, there will be a price adjustment.


Creating Different Streams of Income

Do you need help and guidance on creating different streams of income?

Click here for guidance. Select the service for one year, which I will meet with you monthly (Virtually) to discuss your financial goals and ways to obtain them. We will create a plan for creating 7 streams of income for now and leading into the future.

You will also receive a copy of my book below about Event Planning and Task Management Journal. This journal will assist you with writing down your 7 streams of income ideas and the steps to get achieve them.

Consultation for 1 year

Consultation includes identifying your current streams of income and identify 3 to 4 other streams of income to work on. The Event Planning and Task Management Journal will assist you with with brainstorming this ideas during our conversations and ways in which you can work on them. This also includes advertising your brand, product, service, on various social media accounts. *1 hour consultation (Monthly) *Discounted rate *Brand, Product, and Services mentioned on social media accounts *Upcoming programs, events, and services also mentioned


Looking for Book Reviewers

Looking for two more reviewers to review poetry, self-help, and romantic thriller books.


Grab a poetry book or two on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes, and your local book store.

New Goal: Sell 20 Books a Month

Purchase 3 books and get 15% off.

1st Annual Read to Lead/Write to Enlight

Read what authors and attendees thought about this event.