Thank you for visiting the page of Melica Niccole. Melica has worked in the writing field for over 10 years now as an Author and previously worked as a Writing Tutor at a University in Morristown, New Jersey. Join her as she prepares for the first annual Read to Lead/Write to Enlight Book Festival at Otterbein University. It is her hope that the experience she has gained over the last 10 years will assist other authors with their pursuit toward reading, writing, and enlightening the community.

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Read to Lead, Write to Enlight is a call to action. We dare you to Read to Lead, Write to Enlight and buy books locally from the authors who write them.

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Meet the Authors

Siarre Lashelle Massey

Siarre Lashelle Massey is an Ohio born and based writer, storyteller and artist.

Her first collection, Her Solar Return, was published in June 2022. Prior to this, she shared solely via blogging. She is here, first and foremost, to share her experiences as a multi-ethnic woman, as a mother, as a person with neurodivergence—-as a human being living and learning and trying to enjoy the scenery along the way.

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Brieanna Wilkoff

Brieanna Wilkoff is a debut author who lives in Westerville, Ohio with her husband, daughter, and dog. As described in her novel, she believes wholeheartedly in the power of kindness, the importance of theatre, and the awesomeness of ’80s rock. In fact, she married her husband on stage of the oldest surviving theatre in central Ohio and their first dance was to Bon Jovi. Kudos to Brieanna for completing 100 random acts of kindness in a single day.

I’ll Be There For You synopsis: Sixteen-year-old Rae Ballester loves watching movie musicals and, thanks to her dad, listening to ‘80s rock. This has been the only way of feeling close to him since he died a year ago. Still struggling to move past his death, she keeps her head down and her earbuds in, while still trying to deal with it all. Shunning the world has cost her friendships, while leaving her the “Owner of a Lonely Heart.” When she meets a boy named Mac, she cautiously welcomes their easy banter. Mac slowly worms his way into her heart with his humor, enthusiasm, and well-curated Broadway playlists. After he seems to prove “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” Rae’s instinct is to withdraw to the comfort of hair metal and the silver screen. Rae must decide whether to retreat and jeopardize what she and others have started performing or put herself out there to hold onto her new friends, take a second chance on love, and honor her father’s memory.

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Tyler Porter

Tyler Porter is an American Author with a focus on suspenseful, thriller novels. He launched his writing career with the debut of his novel, Love Before Law. From a young age, he has been involved in creative writing and has always had an interest in storytelling. There are many exciting things in the works for him, so be sure to follow him on his social media outlets!

Eyes Never Lie Synopsis: A ruthless killer. A retiring detective. A game of life and death. After thirty years on the force, Detective Casey Norris has finally accepted that the time has come for him to retire. His body is slowing down, his mind can’t be far behind and he won’t allow either to decide his fate. He is ready to go out on his terms. But, before it can be made official, a killer emerges from the darkness with a mission. A mission that must be carried out through blood and death. A mission that will not be complete until the killer has the thing they want the most; the death of Casey Norris. Norris has never been a step behind, but as he and his team of detectives work to stop the rising body count, the murders begin hitting too close to home. It becomes evident that the killing will not stop until he or the killer is dead. Will he be able to protect those closest to him? Or has he finally met the monster he cannot stop?

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Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson is a new author from Indianapolis who has written a multi-genre book about finding strength in difficult times. She is a Christian author with a passion for sharing the Word of Christ. In her memoir “The Devil Inside Me: Finding Jesus in a Life of Struggle” she describes in detail her grueling 24-year battle with a medical condition called Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome (SMAS), which she believes could’ve claimed her life had it not been for her relationship with God.

Sarah, who oversees accounts payable at an engineering firm, has a master’s degree in Business Management from Indiana Wesleyan University and received her undergraduate degree in Telecommunications from Ball State University. She and her husband Jeff reside in the Indianapolis area with their three sons, Nathan, Charlie, and Will, and beloved dog Lucy. In addition to writing, Sarah volunteers as a seamstress for a local nonprofit and she enjoys gardening, hiking, baking and raising butterflies. Her interest in weather has led to becoming a professional storm chaser and photographer for Extreme Weather Videos (EWV) and SVL Media, LLC. Her video footage has earned recognition from the ABC television show Good Morning America (2017).

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The Edwards Family

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Birdie Books is an independent book store and cafe located in Uptown Westerville’s Historic District. Currently located at 74 North State Street Unit C, Westerville, OH 43081.

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Saironwen (Viviana Moyano). Viviana was born in Argentina. She currently resides in Peru. She loves books that teach acceptance, selflove, living in harmony with the world, loving your family, against bullying, science, and fantasy. She has illustrated a few books for Hampton Publishing House, LLC. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, etc. @saironwen. You can also find some of her work at https://saironwen.wordpress.com/.

Zora Nelson is an Illustrator for Hampton Publishing House, LLC. She has worked with the company for about 10 years and has illustrated and graphically designed many of the company’s books.

Brieanna is an author and sponsor. Please see details above to find more about her debut book and how to contact her.