The Poem Gradient

To your right is a Poem Gradient. It provides beautiful colors with my favorite poems from my poetry books as the captions. Respectively of publication, these books are named: Poetic Outlets, My Poetic Soul Unleashed, Journey to the Truth, and Renaissance of the Psyche.

Meet Me at Half of Pi

Meet me at half of pi
That’s 1.57079632679 sq units
from our starting point

It’s half of a moon

Half of the distance that it takes for my eyes to encounter yours

Half of the time spent letting true love find me when all I had to do was meet true love half way

If only Pi would have meant more to me when I was a Geometry test taker with no real equation to apply the
rationale of it all

Now I sit here
Carefully examining the equation
D = 2r

Which, if calculated correctly
Displays the midpoint between you and I

If this circle that I speak so highly of was reshaped with precision and care

It would morph into something so beautiful that all those like it could see

A heart

Now, I say with such truth and conviction…

Meet me at half of pi
And every day that I breathe this glorious air