Are You Crypto Current?

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How crypto savvy are you? If you are like some of us, you’re not an expert, but you know just enough to get by. If you asked this same question to me last year, my response would have been not at all.

So many things have changed in our environment and world that investing in cryptocurrency has became second nature. Hill Harper has also thrown his hat in the ring with his new crypto wallet- The Black Wall Street app. The app allows you to invest in Bitcoin. The app’s goal is to assist with increasing financial wellness in the black community by closing the wealth gap. The website further identifies “More than 150 years after Juneteenth, Black Americans still hold only 1% of U.S. wealth.” There were multiple videos on the app to assist with terminology and understanding Bitcoin a little more. The other great thing about this app is you can earn rewards with some of their partners. As the site says: “Learn. Earn. Invest.”

With the crypto market being open 24 hours a day, prices change often and rather quickly. Keeping an eye on it is ok and sometimes its good to just let it ride. It may be a good idea to look into other cryptos to invest in the future. This increases your knowledge of the subject matter. Read all you can and make Investopedia your best friend.

The last thing Mr. Harper discussed in his video on the app is to schedule a reoccurring investment. This is a great idea. It can be as little as $5 a month or $50 a week. You decide how much and how often.

Let’s get #invested #cryptocurrent

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