Top 5+ Cryptocurrencies

There you have it. I have my top 5 cryptocurrencies to follow with two additional ones. I have been following these for the last couple of weeks and some more than a month.

Reasons I am following

#1- Bitcoin is the originator. It provides the standard for all others to live up to and even surpass. With some businesses gearing up to accept Bitcoin as a payment type, this will assist with keeping Bitcoin at it’s number 1 spot. El Salvador is gearing up to accept Bitcoin as a legal tender today. I am sure in the future another crypto will surpass it. However right now, let’s just enjoy and invest. Continue to do your research to help you make well informed decisions.

#2- Cardano’s smart contracts will definitely make it a great crypto to invest in, especially with it’s ability to eliminate intermediaries. This crypto is already #3 on CoinGecko and #4 on Coinbase regarding popularity. I assume this crypto will take over the number 2 or 1 spot in the future.

#3- Solana is one which has been increasing steadily. It once was 61st popular on Coinbase, now #37. In being faster and more energy than other blockchains in regards to transactions, it’s only a matter of time before this one has also claimed one of the top two spots. I honestly believe it will claim one of those spots.

#4- Ethereum is currently said to be the crypto that is 2nd to Bitcoin. This crypto is doing ok right now. Still holding tight.

#5- Compound has really been steady over the last month. Fluctuating every now and then. Recently it was at around $502.

#6- is one I just started following a couple of weeks ago. Still digging into information about this crypto. Making strides.

#7- AMP is doing ok. It’s really cheap but right now. Now would be a good time to invest, especially if you believe in this crypto’s future. With the possibility of Amazon accepting, just waiting to see if AMP has anything to do with it. This could go well for AMP is so.

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