Stock Market and Delta Variant

Lately, a lot of people have been paying close attention to the stock market, especially with the development of the delta variant. It’s truly hard to tell what the market will look like in the next few months because it truly depends on the variant, the state of this country, and the nations concern regarding inflation.

Many investors have been reacting to these concerns by selling things they may have been buying in record numbers last year. Some noticeable changes I have seen is the sell off of stock such as electric vehicles, marijuana, and Consumer Discretionary such as recreational activities, such as Airbnb and Las Vegas Sands.

Stocks that seem pretty stable or have been increasing regarding share price is technology such as Apple and slack technologies, consumer Staples/Discretionary such as Target, real estate, and financial services, such as Discover Card.

Now this isn’t to say that the stock above will always be on top or the bottom. It’s just to show how with the concern of the delta variant and inflation, these are stock that seem to be doing well or not so well at this time.

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