Short Term vs. Long Term Investing

How long Should I Invest? This question truly depends on your financial goals. Some people have short term goals, while other people’s goals are long term. It’s good to have short term and long goals. This allows you to invest in your present and future. When investing you may want to consider the taxes youContinue reading “Short Term vs. Long Term Investing”

Creating Different Streams of Income

T.I spoke candidly in his song About the Money by saying ”If it ain’t about the money…” For some it truly is about the money and others it may be about power, voting rights, etc. And that’s quite alright. We are all different and are motivated by different things. I assume that when our positionContinue reading “Creating Different Streams of Income”

All the Rumors are True Yeah -Crypto Watchlist

“All the rumors are true, yeah!” Just like Lizzo’s new song featuring Cardi B, “Rumors.” All the rumors regarding continuing to develop a top five crypto list and things you heard about these currencies. As I continue to develop my cryptocurrency top five list, the list has went through many changes. The list has updatedContinue reading “All the Rumors are True Yeah -Crypto Watchlist”

Cryptocurrency: How It Started

With Cryptocurrency, it is hard identifying what you would like to invest in, unless you are a crypto expert. If you are like most of us, you are a beginner, looking to get your feet wet. When I first heard about cryptocurrency, it was in relation to Bitcoin. It was about 10 years ago. AContinue reading “Cryptocurrency: How It Started”