Welcome Scott Donnelly to the Read to Lead/Write to Enlight Book Festival

Scott Donnelly is an indie author based in Grove City, Ohio, where he lives with his wife and three children. Scott writes in a variety of genres to keep his ideas fresh and different, but mostly operates within the realm of horror and science fiction. Scott is best known for his horror titles “Mothman: Return to Point Pleasant”, “The Whool”, “Killer Scarecrow” and “Cheater, Cheater” (which is being turned into a 2023 horror film from director Del Kary). Scott is also the head writer of Micro Terrors: Scary Stories for Kids, a podcast and collection of original and free short horror stories geared toward a younger crowd who craves the spooky stuff. In addition to writing fiction, Scott also freelances for Weird Darkness Publishing as an editor and cover designer.

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4 More Books Left

On September 20th, I started a challenge to sell 15 books a month, until December. This means that my goal is to sell 60 books by the end of December. I have almost reached my September goal. I just need to sell four more books.

Feel free to help me by reposting, sharing, liking, and buying a book.

How to Develop Successful Community Based Programs

How many of you are wondering, what does this woman know about event planning? Actually, I know quite a bit of information. The first event I ever planned was in college. It was with my sorority sisters and it featured Judge Janet E. Jackson. The next events were a diabetes Heath fair and exercise events. The next events I planned on my own were my book signing and my friend’s baby shower.

My undergraduate degree from Otterbein University has really assisted me with event planning. The degree is in Health Promotion and Fitness, which is basically how to create and promote health related programming and how to secure funding. I utilize a lot of these approaches and just translate it to any type of event I am planning. It works, it’s just about switching your target population and the goal and objectives of the event.

My graduate degree is a Master’s degree in Science Administration with a concentration in Health Services. This is basically a combination of a business degree with a public health degree. My experiences as an Employment Specialist, Recruiter, Coordinator and Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor also provides guidance in this area, as I was responsible for planning mock interviewing events, job fairs, helping prepare people for the programsf, and much more.

I have also had the pleasure of planning two successful Children’s Book Festivals in Camden, New Jersey, three book drives in New Jersey, one book bag drive in New York, and I am currently planning the first annual Read to Lead/Write to Enlight Book Festival in Westerville, Ohio this year.

In the next coming months, I am going to work on creating 6, 5-10 minute subscription videos, which includes the following topics.

1. How to Develop a Plan

2. Create an Outline

3. Marketing

4. Sponsorship

5. Partnerships

6. How to Sell Your Program/30 second commercial

These videos will give you a strategic approach to planning these programs, show you example plans I have put together, and also provide sample sponsors and ways to contact them.

Feel free to comment on this post to help me identify what additional information you would like me to review.