Welcome Back Colette Harrell to the Read to Lead/Write to Enlight Book Festival


A Detroit, Michigan native, Colette is an author, story editor, book coach, screenwriter, playwright, and entrepreneur. Holding a master’s degree, she is a retired director of social services and believes God has a plan for every life, but you hold the key to manifesting its fullness. Colette is the owner of Intentional Entertainment LLC and Co-founder of COJACK Productions LLC, both entertainment companies that minister through literary, film, stage, and audio platforms. She sits on the board of the Ohio Writers Association.

She is the author of “The Devil Made Me Do It,” a finalist in the Phyliss Wheatley, Harlem First Books awards, and one of the top ten books for 2014 for the Read You Later Radio show. Her other book, “Tell The Truth, The Devil Won’t’ is listed as a five-star review on Amazon and Good Reads. Her book, Later, debuted as number one in African American Historical Fiction on Amazon and was named as one of the top 40 Fiction Books of 2022 by Conversations Magazine, Inc. Her latest book, The Book of Disasters, is a Romantic Thriller sure to titillate avis readers.

She is aka ‘Mother Sweat’ blogger/vlogger of Mother Sweat, Collards N Cornbread, the seasonings of life. It’s down-home wisdom for everyday living on Youtube.com.

As a motivational speaker, teaching workshops on state and national levels, she has spoken at various book fairs, festivals, conferences, and churches. She facilitates retreats that free women to live their best lives through the act of Forgiveness.

She currently resides in Columbus, Ohio, writing with humor and compassion to engage and minister to the human heart.

The Book Of Disasters Blurb

What if everything we believed was a lie? All of us?

Nia Lewis is a lone librarian who has fumbled through life content until she meets the one. The only problem is he’s ‘different’ as in neurodivergent, living on the spectrum different. An army brat, Nia has always been somewhat of a coward. It’s her sister that takes on the world. 

Deacon is a modern-day “Rain Man’. He’s not a fan of people, but now that he’s met Nia Lewis, he determines he can change . . . for love. If only she will give love a chance. But his brother doesn’t want Deacon to change, especially to please a woman who doesn’t think Deacon’s good enough. 

In the background of their lives, looming over everyone’s existence, are five powerful families with five copies of an ancient book that has controlled and manipulated the fate of all humanity for almost two hundred years. The Book is the blueprint for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It is their manifesto. When one of these books goes missing, unspeakable forces are unleashed to have it returned. 

Nia, the loner librarian, and Deacon, a man determined to change, fight for the good of all. At the end of their journey, will they save the world and claim a love that surpasses their dreams, or will they discover their differences too impossible to climb? 

The story twists and turns, leaving the reader with a growing sense of uncertainty. Alliances are formed and broken as forces clash and the stakes grow higher. But as the battle rages on, a faint hope remains, offering a chance that true love could still override the consequences of an all-or-nothing war for humanity.

Website: https://www.coletteharrell.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Colette.R.Harrell

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