Kids Lit Should Be…

People’s first encounter with books is generally through reading or listening to Children’s Books, or I truly hope this is when they first encounter them. These books allow children to imagine, identify, relate, unrelate, sort, color, color code, and participate in a vast amount of other child related activities to get them prepared for the future.

When I think of the Children’s Book genre and what each book should encompass, I think of these six things, which hopefully will assist you on your journey of reading or writing engaging material: Colorful, vibrant, exciting, engaging, educational, and fun. Below I will explain why I think these things would work well with this type of genre.


Of course this checklist is mostly a suggestive list and can be edited to fit your own needs. Books should be bright, colorful, and full of eye catching colors. These colors should spark a child’s attention and should tell a story of contrast, conflict, adventure, and changes in the storyline. The colors in the book are just as important as the story. Colors can exude happiness, sadness, and a change in environment or situation.


Books should be vibrant and energize the reader and listener. They should provide enthusiasm to go on an adventure with friends, compete in a competition, chase a book eating monster, or challenge a fire-breathing dragon.


The pictures and possibly just the thought about books content should form a sense of excitement in the reader and listener. People should be bubbling with excitement. Sometimes when people read or hear a good book, they anticipate the release of a sequel, whether or not one has been discussed.


Books should also be engaging. They should engage individuals to want to read or listen to a good book. There should be anticipation for a certain song, word, or catch phrase that gets people involved in some or all aspects of the book.


An educational component not only challenges and teaches children how to do certain things, but it also helps them understand the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, and ABCs vs 123s. It also used teaches different languages, perspectives, financial management, and other knowledge needed in the future.


The last thing that a book should include is an aspect of fun and/or adventure. This means the characters are having fun by doing something that they enjoy or something they know others would enjoy. Fun is also about the relationships discussed and developed in the book and how they interact with each other. Fun is about letting down one’s guard to give life an honest chance at experiencing pure enjoyment.

As stated, these tips are only suggestive and you can edit this list as you deem fit. This is just a peak into how my books are created with the intent to create a Colorful, Vibrant, Exciting, Engaging, Educational, and Fun loving book.

Until next time…

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