Join Us Today

Today is the day many of us in Ohio, as well as other states, have been waiting for. It’s the Mid Ohio Indie Author Book Expo.

It’s the day where authors come together, fellowship, sell come books, interact with the community, and have fun.

This time last year, restrictions were in place and a lot of things had to be cancelled or rescheduled. Also during last year, I was not focused on attending events and selling my books. My focus was on my 1 year old daughter who I needed to make my main focus.

This year, I came to the realization that writing is a part of who I am. It has been my focus for over 10 years now. I could not give up writing, as I could not give up on my daughter. So I decided to incorporate both into my world.

This past Mother’s Day, my daughter and I released a book called Good Morning Amira. The book is about Amira’s daily routine to get ready each morning.

Check out the book below. Book can be found on

Children’s Books

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