The Story Behind the Books

Prior to Georgie and Gracie Eat Your Peas being developed, I decided the colors of the book would represent the UNIA flag, the Afro-American flag, and the Black Liberation flag.

“The Pan-African/Marcus Garvey flag was created in 1920 to represent people of the African Diaspora and to symbolize black liberation in the United States. As flags symbolize the union of governance, people, and territory, this flag was created to give Black people in America and the world over a symbol that unifies the Diaspora. This tri-color flag consists of three equal horizontal bands colored Red, Black, and Green, which represents

  • Red: the blood that unites all people of Black African ancestry, and shed for liberation;
  • Black: for the people whose existence as a nation, though not a nation-state, is affirmed by the existence of the flag;
  • Green: the abundant and vibrant natural wealth of Africa, the Motherland.”

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