Are Your Goals Goaling?

Hey sunshines,

I hope you are living your best lives and making dreams come true. Were you a bit confused at my question above? Well, if you were, it’s the same as saying « That math is mathing.»

What I want to know is are you goals goaling? Are you setting and achieving your goals? Are you making new goals? Are you pushing yourself beyond your expectations?

Let’s make these goals count!

How Do I Continue to Push Myself

This is one way. I give myself goals to accomplish, which are achievable at first. As I continue to surpass my original goal, I amend it to another goal. My monthly book sale goal is to sell at least 20 books a month. I achieved that, so I increased it to 50 books. I achieved that also, so I changed it again to 100 books. What this means is I have 6 more days to achieve this goal. Think I can do it?

Ready! Set! Goals!

October Goal: Sell 15 books. 6 books down and nine to go. Have you focused on your goals lately? This independent goal has helped me to market my brand and get my stories out into the community. What’s my story you ask? Well, I’m a health conscious, thought-provoking, moral based storyteller who writes about domestic violence, friendships, exploring the world, traveling, life, resources for individuals with various diagnoses, working together, and turning hurt into fortune.