Will Ford and Ravian Stock Be Impacted From The Partnership Split? -EVs

About two months ago, Ford and Ravian decided to part ways regarding develo🌜ping electric vehicles together. Ford also gave up a board seat with Ravian, which makes sense especially if they are deciding to compete head on with Ravian in the EV Sector. Although Ford gave up its board seat, the company still has shares in Ravian.

During the announcement of the split, shares of Ravian slid a bit, while shares of Ford increased. Both companies seem to be doing really well with their Electric vehicles and have received positive comments. In fact, Ravian developed the first ever electric pickup truck. Being the first to do this is such an honor,

Ford is on target to double its production of the all electric F-150, due to the high demand. 2022 and after is going to see the explosion of EV industry. It’s only a matter of time until mostly everyone is drive an EV.

Investing Part 4

One thing I know about investing is the importance of being able to discuss your investments with like mind individuals. Like mind, meaning those who are investing or want to invest in the stock market or Cryptocurrency.

Investment groups or investment discussion groups are really great to be a part of. They allow you to meet in person, virtually, by email, or text messages to discuss your investments and gain clarity to those investments.

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NIO: Blue Sky Coming


Let me ask you this, are you an investor? I’d like to think we all are investors. We invest our time, patience, experience, and of course our money. My question pertains to the latter and the stock market. The stock market can be challenging because there are many faucets to it; however, once to got it, you got it.

For instance, let’s take a look at the stock NIO. NIO is a car company in China that sells electric vehicles and has support from the Chinese government. They also sell batteries for electric vehicles and have perfected a battery swap method that should take 60 seconds or less. Some have deemed it as the Tesla of China. Many analysts are also saying that NIO will be able to compete with Tesla by 2024 or 2025. Elon Musk has kept his eye on the competition by tweeting in November of 2020 that “420 is better than 42”. In April of this year, he even congratulated the company on producing their 100,000th vehicle.

Just last year, this stock was $4 a share. I found it on the movers list at about $6 a share. There was something about this stock that caught my eye. After researching the company on brokerage companies’ websites, google, Motley Fool, and other websites, I determined this was an amazing stock. I even loved the company’s website. The cars they were developing seemed like something I wanted to drive. If this was the initial impression I had, imagine what others were saying. So I joined a Facebook Group dedicated to NIO investors. I even searched Twitter under $NIO for comments. Investors were engaged, wearing paraphernalia of the company, and quoting the company’s motto “Blue Sky Coming”. It was a NIO-demic during a pandemic.

Currently, on money.cnn.com reports this stock is around $50 a share with a 12 month forecast of $19.86 as a low and $92.23 as a high. Many factors could increase or decrease this forecast for the future, such as amount of deliveries for the month or quarter, semiconductor shortage, NIO Power Day, etc.

Other EVs to watch out for are: Li Auto, Xpeng, Nissan, GM, Ford, and long awaited IPO for Lucid Motors.

Take always from this article:

NIO has Chinese government support 

Has a battery swap method of 60 seconds or less

Is deemed the Tesla of China

Produced 100,000th vehicle in April 

Blue Sky Coming

Currently priced around $50 a share

Stock forecast between $19.86 and $92.23