All the Rumors are True Yeah -Crypto Watchlist

“All the rumors are true, yeah!” Just like Lizzo’s new song featuring Cardi B, “Rumors.” All the rumors regarding continuing to develop a top five crypto list and things you heard about these currencies.

As I continue to develop my cryptocurrency top five list, the list has went through many changes. The list has updated several times and I can now give my top three choices and possibilities. That statement feels as those I’m playing spades and stating I have three books and some possibilities.

Number 1 Choice is Bitcoin
Bitcoin (BTC) is actually the number 1 cryptocurrency on Coinbase. BTC has made some people a lot of money, especially those who believed in it since it’s inception.

Number 2 Choice is Ethereum Ethereum (ETC) is said to be the 2nd best cryptocurrency in comparison to BTC and on Coinbase. When you are buying Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) ETC is the currency used to purchase and list NFTs on sites such as

Number 3 Choice is Cardano Cardano (ADA) is listed as 5th on Coinbase regarding popularity. ADA was founded and ETH was co- founded by Charles Hoskinson. Recently, news was shared on Motley Fool that “Cardano would enable the execution of smart contracts on its network — enabling transactions between parties without using an intermediary. The update that will place Cardano on par with Ethereum in this aspect is set to launch before the Cardano Summit in September.”

Strong Possibility Solana (SOL) is listed as 61st on Coinbase regarding popularity. Not as popular has the three above; however it still has been increasing steadily lately. SOL is said to be “a blockchain network that supporters say is faster and more energy-efficient than the Ethereum or bitcoin blockchains, which can seize up during periods of heavy transaction volumes.”

Another Strong Possibility Compound (COMP) is 8th regarding popularity on Coinbase. “COMP is a DeFi protocol that hosts lending pools to earn interest on various cryptocurrencies. These pools allow token holders to supply their tokens to others who borrow those tokens at algorithmically set interest rates based on supply and demand.”

A Possibility AMP is 9th regarding popularity on Coinbase. Last month, AMP was reacting positively to “rumors, Amazon(NASDAQ:AMZN was preparing to accept crypto payments. However, it needs a network to help with that. This is where Amp comes into play. The rumors claim that AMZN has reached out to Amp and Algorand to help it with this process.”

My goal is to continue to follow these cryptocurrencies over the next few months to present a more concrete list, which could change again between now and then.

Feel free to share your favorite cryptocurrency and why.