Upcoming Kindle Vella Episodes

On September 24, 2021, I released my first episode of Tested on Kindle Vella. What an amazing opportunity to release a book or novella in episodes. This definitely changed the game for authors. With three of the episodes being free, this allows readers to get a preview of three episodes before they decide to purchase other episodes. I am definitely a fan of originality and things that can assist authors with readership.

Below is a preview of released or upcoming episodes. Enjoy!

Episode 1- Ms. Karey (Free/Available)

Do you believe that the only way to beat a group of people is to join them? Sounds logical, but sometimes the rules change and you end up turning into the very thing you hate. You turn into the very person you despise. The person and thing that is testing you.

Episode 2- The Meet (Free/Available)

The Meet introduces you to additional characters, especially Mr. Wonderful, who will be discussed through the book. It also sets the stage for a setting change from Ohio to New Jersey.

Episode 3- The Move (Free on 10/8/21)

“This isn’t Kansas anymore” or Ohio for that matter. How will Kaye adjust to the East Coast life as a Mid-West girl?

Episode 4- The Shade- 10/15/21

The shade is real and sometimes it’s from your homie and behind closed doors. Keeping up with who likes you is like trying to Keep Up with the Kardashians. Impossible!

Episode 5- The Approach- 10/22/21

It’s definitely a doggy dog world in this episode. Kaye starts to believe people are calculated in their approaches. Meaning they calculate their every move to progress at the expense of others.

Episode 6- The Adjustment- 10/29/21

Kaye is going through quite an adjustment. Who knew that her character would be scrutinized for being truthful and herself?

Episode 7- The Final Straw- 11/5/21

For every action there’s a reaction and for every thing that’s done in the dark, often comes to light. Kaye comes to the realization that most things aren’t wonderful.

Episode 8- The Omen- 11/12/21

Blinded by sight. Deafened with words. An omen brought me back to life. For I was disturbed. 

Episode 9- The Mood

Coming soon

Episode 10- IDGAF

Coming soon


Today I released my first episode on Kindle Vella for Tested. Tested is about the game of life. Many people play the game of life with only one thing in mind; raising themselves above all others. They use their cunning abilities to outsmart others by deception, betrayal, and candid lies. Now, there’s some truth between the layers of deception; however finding it is like looking for Tiger Woods at a basketball game. It could happen and actually has happened, but the chances of catching him there at every game, like Spike Lee, is highly unlikely. #fiction #creativefiction

I was quite excited because writing an episode, allows me to make a more personal and intimate connection with my readers. I adore my readers.

Feel free to grab a copy of the book here:

“I’m All The Way Up”- Crypto Current

“I’m all the way up.  I’m all the way up. Nothing can stop me.  I’m all the way up.” I am truly in my Verzuz’s mode right now. Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s song hits a little different when you see your investments going back up from being down the last couple of days. This is my exact feeling when I saw Bitcoin, Solana, and Cardano headed back up.

The thing about investing is you have to account for up and down days. Me personally, would be very cautious of a stock that is continuously on the rise without having a bad day. We all know, what goes up, must come down. So the question isn’t about if it’s going to come down, it’s when and by how much? This is when following financial information about the companies and charts come into play. These techniques help you identify when individuals tend to buy into certain stocks and cryptocurrencies and when they tend to sell them. This is called support and resistance levels.

The other thing about investing is that it takes time to build wealth. Now there are those one hit wonders who take $5000-$10,000 and invest it in one stock and have major increases. However, how many of us truly have that amount that we can invest and risk losing it all? Not I. I generally invest a set amount each month and sometimes additional if I find extra money to invest. Now my response may be different if my situation was different. Isn’t that the funny thing about life? Most of our responses or the way we handle things is most likely from our situations, history, or knowledge. 

My suggestion to you is start the road to investing so you too can be “All the Way Up!”

Creating Different Streams of Income

Photo by Anna Nekrashevich on Pexels.com

T.I spoke candidly in his song About the Money by saying ”If it ain’t about the money…” For some it truly is about the money and others it may be about power, voting rights, etc. And that’s quite alright. We are all different and are motivated by different things. I assume that when our position and needs change, so does our priorities and focus. This is evident in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Creating different streams of income is often the goal of individuals. This allows for more flexibility in case something happens to another stream of income. Many of us know that things happen and nothing is concreate or set in stone so multiple streams would be beneficial.

In April of this year, Time and Next Advisor revealed 7 Passive Incomes for 2021. These areas included: Blogging, Digital Courses, E-books, Digital Downloads, Affiliate Marketing, Real Estate Investing, and Stock Market Investing. They also discussed how many streams you should have, which I definitely agree with. The number of streams you have is dependent on your goals and needs.

Feel free to check out the article I am referencing here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/time.com/nextadvisor/investing/passive-income-ideas/amp/

Are You Crypto Current?

Photo by Roger Brown on Pexels.com

How crypto savvy are you? If you are like some of us, you’re not an expert, but you know just enough to get by. If you asked this same question to me last year, my response would have been not at all.

So many things have changed in our environment and world that investing in cryptocurrency has became second nature. Hill Harper has also thrown his hat in the ring with his new crypto wallet- The Black Wall Street app. The app allows you to invest in Bitcoin. The app’s goal is to assist with increasing financial wellness in the black community by closing the wealth gap. The website further identifies “More than 150 years after Juneteenth, Black Americans still hold only 1% of U.S. wealth.” There were multiple videos on the app to assist with terminology and understanding Bitcoin a little more. The other great thing about this app is you can earn rewards with some of their partners. As the site says: “Learn. Earn. Invest.”

With the crypto market being open 24 hours a day, prices change often and rather quickly. Keeping an eye on it is ok and sometimes its good to just let it ride. It may be a good idea to look into other cryptos to invest in the future. This increases your knowledge of the subject matter. Read all you can and make Investopedia your best friend.

The last thing Mr. Harper discussed in his video on the app is to schedule a reoccurring investment. This is a great idea. It can be as little as $5 a month or $50 a week. You decide how much and how often.

Let’s get #invested #cryptocurrent

Top 5+ Cryptocurrencies

There you have it. I have my top 5 cryptocurrencies to follow with two additional ones. I have been following these for the last couple of weeks and some more than a month.

Reasons I am following

#1- Bitcoin is the originator. It provides the standard for all others to live up to and even surpass. With some businesses gearing up to accept Bitcoin as a payment type, this will assist with keeping Bitcoin at it’s number 1 spot. El Salvador is gearing up to accept Bitcoin as a legal tender today. I am sure in the future another crypto will surpass it. However right now, let’s just enjoy and invest. Continue to do your research to help you make well informed decisions.

#2- Cardano’s smart contracts will definitely make it a great crypto to invest in, especially with it’s ability to eliminate intermediaries. This crypto is already #3 on CoinGecko and #4 on Coinbase regarding popularity. I assume this crypto will take over the number 2 or 1 spot in the future.

#3- Solana is one which has been increasing steadily. It once was 61st popular on Coinbase, now #37. In being faster and more energy than other blockchains in regards to transactions, it’s only a matter of time before this one has also claimed one of the top two spots. I honestly believe it will claim one of those spots.

#4- Ethereum is currently said to be the crypto that is 2nd to Bitcoin. This crypto is doing ok right now. Still holding tight.

#5- Compound has really been steady over the last month. Fluctuating every now and then. Recently it was at around $502.

#6- Fetch.ai is one I just started following a couple of weeks ago. Still digging into information about this crypto. Making strides.

#7- AMP is doing ok. It’s really cheap but right now. Now would be a good time to invest, especially if you believe in this crypto’s future. With the possibility of Amazon accepting, just waiting to see if AMP has anything to do with it. This could go well for AMP is so.

Top 4- Crypto

I am still evaluating options for my top 5 cryptocurrencies. However, I now have my top 4 cryptocurrencies to hold for long term. Some people choose day trading when it comes to some cryptocurrencies. While some of these currencies may fit your option to day trade, I presume these will be great options for the long term.

My top four in order of how I believe these positions will sway in the future:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Cardano (Possibly #1 in the future)
  3. Solana (53rd popular on Coinbase. Previously 61st)
  4. Ethereum

Other Possibilities

  1. Compound
  2. AMP

It will be interesting to continue to follow Compound and Amp to see how borrowing cryptocurrency and working with Amazon to accept cryptocurrency works out (If it’s more than just a rumor).

Feel free to share your top 5 cryptocurrencies.

All the Rumors are True Yeah -Crypto Watchlist

“All the rumors are true, yeah!” Just like Lizzo’s new song featuring Cardi B, “Rumors.” All the rumors regarding continuing to develop a top five crypto list and things you heard about these currencies.

As I continue to develop my cryptocurrency top five list, the list has went through many changes. The list has updated several times and I can now give my top three choices and possibilities. That statement feels as those I’m playing spades and stating I have three books and some possibilities.

Number 1 Choice is Bitcoin
Bitcoin (BTC) is actually the number 1 cryptocurrency on Coinbase. BTC has made some people a lot of money, especially those who believed in it since it’s inception.

Number 2 Choice is Ethereum Ethereum (ETC) is said to be the 2nd best cryptocurrency in comparison to BTC and on Coinbase. When you are buying Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) ETC is the currency used to purchase and list NFTs on sites such as Rariable.com.

Number 3 Choice is Cardano Cardano (ADA) is listed as 5th on Coinbase regarding popularity. ADA was founded and ETH was co- founded by Charles Hoskinson. Recently, news was shared on Motley Fool that “Cardano would enable the execution of smart contracts on its network — enabling transactions between parties without using an intermediary. The update that will place Cardano on par with Ethereum in this aspect is set to launch before the Cardano Summit in September.”

Strong Possibility Solana (SOL) is listed as 61st on Coinbase regarding popularity. Not as popular has the three above; however it still has been increasing steadily lately. SOL is said to be “a blockchain network that supporters say is faster and more energy-efficient than the Ethereum or bitcoin blockchains, which can seize up during periods of heavy transaction volumes.”

Another Strong Possibility Compound (COMP) is 8th regarding popularity on Coinbase. “COMP is a DeFi protocol that hosts lending pools to earn interest on various cryptocurrencies. These pools allow token holders to supply their tokens to others who borrow those tokens at algorithmically set interest rates based on supply and demand.”

A Possibility AMP is 9th regarding popularity on Coinbase. Last month, AMP was reacting positively to “rumors, Amazon(NASDAQ:AMZN was preparing to accept crypto payments. However, it needs a network to help with that. This is where Amp comes into play. The rumors claim that AMZN has reached out to Amp and Algorand to help it with this process.”

My goal is to continue to follow these cryptocurrencies over the next few months to present a more concrete list, which could change again between now and then.

Feel free to share your favorite cryptocurrency and why.

Join Us Today

Today is the day many of us in Ohio, as well as other states, have been waiting for. It’s the Mid Ohio Indie Author Book Expo.

It’s the day where authors come together, fellowship, sell come books, interact with the community, and have fun.

This time last year, restrictions were in place and a lot of things had to be cancelled or rescheduled. Also during last year, I was not focused on attending events and selling my books. My focus was on my 1 year old daughter who I needed to make my main focus.

This year, I came to the realization that writing is a part of who I am. It has been my focus for over 10 years now. I could not give up writing, as I could not give up on my daughter. So I decided to incorporate both into my world.

This past Mother’s Day, my daughter and I released a book called Good Morning Amira. The book is about Amira’s daily routine to get ready each morning.

Check out the book below. Book can be found on Amazon.com.

Children’s Books

RGP Muse Magazine

Honored to be featured in the summer edition of RGP Muse Magazine (@rahwaygirlz). This edition was focused on black female authors, who are juggling other titles as well such as publishing, entrepreneurship, motherhood, and more.

The picture above is one of the pages about being a writer/entrepreneur, upcoming projects.

Grab your copy here: https://issuu.com/rahwaygirlzpublishing/docs/summer_rgp_muse_magazine_issue_2_5_?fbclid=IwAR3N2R74PMG74WkdaK56y7wAm7YugOwFYtYyn28CLijjRDVoG9Gx5a97jbQ #rgpmuse #Magazine #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlsrock